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What we were asked to do
This self-initiated project was developed to show the photographic work of Daniel Freytag. The aim was to create a neutral yet distinct identity which puts the emphasis on the photographic images.

Our process
Freytag is a photographer whose evocative images are of scenes that are, more often than not, overlooked for their seeming banality. And yet it is in locations and still life that his talent comes to the fore, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary through unique composition, colour and tone. The identity therefore needed to have a simple neutrality which allowed the work to come to the forefront. The 'dot' graphic device represents the lens and furthermore a specific point in time. The MonochromatIc colour palette and typewriter-inspired font combine to reinforce the understated and accessible quality of the work.

What we designed
The identity was applied to a suite of stationery and portfolio website. In addition, we designed an exhibition brochure and promotional prints for a solo exhibition entitled 'Between the lines'. View the website:

Want to know more?
If you want to know more about this project, our process or have some questions you'd like answered then please feel free to drop us a line: